About The RhineTones

Hello, and thanks so much for paying a visit to our website!

To tell you a little bit about ourselves, we are brothers, Michael and Samuel McBurnett, from a town called Mineola, Texas. It’s a small town of about 5000 folks. Growing up, we were made to take piano lessons from a very stern, old woman of German heritage who would make us hold the door for her and yell/spray corrections at our playing during lessons. It took a long time to appreciate her direction and advice on life, but we definitely do now.

Our mother was a music major in college and taught lessons as well. She also directed the church choir and has written a ton of her own songs. So, naturally, we loved to make music and picked up any instrument we could find. Our older brother plays guitar as well and we would all get together and jam for hours with friends and fellow musicians in the area. Nobody wanted to sing, so we got pretty good at improvising and playing blues, jazz, and soul. There was a stereo in the kitchen of our parents’ house that our mother would crank up stuff like Gordon Lightfoot records on at 6 AM. Our dad would take over at other times blaring stuff like Stevie Ray Vaughn or Van Morrison.

We moved to Waco, Tx to study music in college, broadening our musical tastes to include things like wester swing, bluegrass, and country. We played a lot in bands around town and occasionally some hippie-folk with our aunt and uncle who lived there as well. After school, we spent some time in our hometown recording our self-titled album and playing shows in the area. We moved to Nashville in 2010 and have done a good bit of playing shows around town. Recently we have stripped our live set down to the two of us playing various instruments.

Our new project is an EP we have been working on for the last several months and should be out soon! In the meantime, you can hear our first album on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon and other digital music distributors. We hope you like it, and stay tuned for updates on what we have going on!

Thanks again,
The RhineTones